Formed in 2001, Attucks is a registered investment advisor that develops manager-of-emerging manager portfolios, allowing institutional investors the opportunity to invest with minority- and women-owned and emerging investment managers in a risk-controlled environment. 

Attucks is an independent, entrepreneurial, minority-owned and operated firm that understands the unique challenges of this market segment. 

  • Attucks customizes multi-managers portfolios comprised of emerging, minority- and woman-owned investment management businesses

  • Attucks serves as a bridge between institutional investment responsibility and opportunity for diverse and emerging managers

  • Attucks expects to satisfy client's objectives and achieve alpha generating investment returns through its research and investment approach

  • With each new client, Attucks sets investment objectives customized to the client's risk parameters and return expectations

  • Attucks performs extensive research that allows it to choose managers with different, complementary styles and blend them into multi-manager portfolios

  • Attucks discovers new firms and builds the capacity of existing firms